Meghan & Michael: A Perfect La Jolla Wedding

Meghan and Michael planned a best of the best La Jolla wedding!  Since they were both beach kids, being raised in La Jolla and now living there again, they “had” to get married on the sand.  Well, at least Michael had to get married on the sand and Meghan was marrying him so, by default, they were planning a sand ceremony!  The best place for a wedding on the beach in La Jolla is the La Jolla Beach & Tennis Club.  Meghan and Michael worked with the Adorations floral team to plan a beautiful blush pink, ivory, and beach wood decor.  Meghan arrayed her bridesmaids in navy and the gentlemen in navy sport coats and khaki pants to give the event a bit of a beachy-nautical feel.  The ring bearers were even clad in mini-sear suckers–a perfect compliment to the look!

For the ceremony, Adorations used a combination of the blush pinks and ivories with beechwood to continue with the nautical motif.  The look was elegant but reflected a more casual, beachy feel.  The bridesmaids were also all in flat sandals for the ceremony which fit the look perfectly.  We love the bottom photo of the entire wedding party down at La Jolla Shores!  One of our new favorite photos!Following the ceremony, Meghan and Michael headed for the reception at the La Jolla Country Club in style.  Check out the fantastic car below!

Once inside the reception, it was pure elegance.  Meghan used the same blush pink and ivory scheme and then added gold accents to fit with the look of the Country Club.  The reception was a beautiful contrast in tone to the beach ceremony.  Candles lined the beams and filled the tables to create romance and drama.  Adorations added a few white starfish into half the centerpieces to sprinkle in the beach motif but kept the look very elegant and much more formal.  It was a perfect balance!  Cocktails started in the Sunset Room and then the guests were invited into the Living Room for a formal, sit down dinner.

Once dinner and toasts were complete, the real party began!  The crowd danced to the Dirty Birds until midnight with the dance floor full the entire time!  Meghan also created a custom cigar display on the terrace with monogrammed labels that the gentlemen definitely enjoyed.  It was a wonderful affair!

The Little Wedding Party

Move over Bride, it’s the Flower Girl’s time to shine! The sweetest little accessories you can have on your wedding day are the flower girls. In the Victorian Era, a flower girl was a given role to a young woman, where she had to entertain the guests before the arrival of the bride. As centuries have passed, this important role has been placed upon little girls (either family related or close friends). And since they always seem to steal the show, what an important role it is! 

They say that good things come in a pack of three! Two of my former clients got lucky and had the groom’s triplet nieces participate in their wedding. Having each little girl in a different color from the wedding palette was a great idea!

These two sisters (above) were beautiful and look at their creative baskets!  Their more formal attire was perfect for the La Jolla Country Club.  Their sashes also matched the bridesmaid dresses perfectly which was a great way to bring in one of the wedding’s colors.  Below, the coral dresses with gold strappy sandals on the three little flower girls were perfect for a  beach wedding at Paradise Point.  The girls were gorgeous!

 Little men can definitely be fashion forward as well!  Below left, two little boys in suits with fantastic stripped ties await the beginning of a ceremony at La Jolla Presbyterian Church.  Their attire is well suited for a formal church occasion.  Below right, look at the tiny seersucker suits and Perry Ellis shoes on the little boys (who ran down the aisle–luckily the rings were in the pocket of the best man!)!  They were perfectly adorned for a beach wedding at the La Jolla Beach and Tennis Club.  So handsome!

And these two little men below are my favorite! The red and black striped suspenders, not only look adorable but they also brought in the vintage motif of the wedding at the Inn at Rancho Santa Fe. And instead of ring pillows, they carried a wooden “Here Comes The Bride” sign. I loved it!

I love children in a wedding no matter (almost) how they behave!  I love it if they run down the aisle, decide to collect all the rose petals they have tossed, or need the encouragement of the entire crowd to get to the front (all have happened at my weddings)!  I think they bring a sweetness and lightness that only add to the warmth and love of a wedding day!