A Grand Affair at the Grand Del Mar!

Katherine & William’s wedding was gorgeous! For starters, it was at the Grand Del Mar.  Beautiful location, check. Add gorgeous couple with fabulous taste, check. Add fun family, great food, and an  incredible band, check. Perfection. And to make it fabulous, Katie and I worked with Alex of Blush Botanicals on all elements of the decor.

katherine-willCheck out the bridal bouquet created by Blush Botanicals!  It is made entirely of white peonies!  And I adore these gold sequin bridesmaids’ dresses that Katie picked!  And also look at these handsome men below!  Breaking from tradition, they decided against boutonnieres.  But they still look fabulous!


For the ceremony, we decided to be penny-wise and actually used centerpieces from the ballroom to highlight the front of the ceremony and to flank the aisle.  The only décor cost for the ceremony was the stands and a nominal labor charge to move the pieces.  And it was also a great environmentally conscious decision since we were able to use all these flowers twice! Especially since each centerpiece contained over 200 roses!


For the ballroom, we chose a palette of gold, ivory, and soft pink.  We used a number of mirrored tables throughout the room (including the head table above)and tons of candles so that he room truly glowed!  Everything seemed to reflect!  And notice the head table centerpieces above, that were transferred from the ceremony!


Katie’s family is good friends with Susan Foster, the owner of Encore Entertainment, so of course, there would be dancing! Encore has incredible musicians and singers but what always impresses me about them is their sound quality-it’s always perfect!  And when you want everyone to both hear the speeches but also not be overwhelmed during the performance time, that’ truly a hard feat to master.

And to capture all of these amazing details and this gorgeous couple, True Photography was up to the task!  These photos, like every event of mine they shoot, were perfect!


Steal this idea:

There is nothing wrong with being penny wise and environmentally conscious so use your ceremony florals in your dinner when you can.  As long as the cocktail hour is in a separate location from the dinner, this works flawlessly.  After the ceremony, we invited guests onto a beautiful patio in a different location for appetizers and beverages.  During that hour, the floral team is able to move pieces from the ceremony to the ballroom.   Then when guests come in for dinner, everything is set perfectly!  I personally don’t like it when guests can see this kind of movement and resetting…but if they can’t see it, then go for it!

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