A Candelas Wedding

It all happened on All Hallow’s Eve. Superman approached a sweet little bunny and serenaded her with the cheesiest pick up line she had ever heard–causing her to laugh and make her weak in the knees. From then on she was hooked! Vanessa and Nick tied the knot at Cenennial Park on Coronado Island.  Perfect clear blue skies and the San Diego skyscrapers were the backdrop for their San Diego wedding.

After the ceremony, the party continued at Candelas by the Bay, only a few steps away.  The venue offered a contemporary and upbeat atmosphere which tied perfectly with the couple’s personalities.  For decor, Vanessa opted for whites, greys, greens, and lavendars.  The cool colors fit perfectly with a contemporary location and looked gorgeous.  The lavendar flowers against the grey dresses above are gorgeous and the greys, greens, and whites of the reception look so sophisticated.  I always tell a bride that when she selects her color palatte, she doesn’t need to use every color in all aspects of her decor.  The lavendars, greys, and whites work really well for the ceremony and the greens, whites, and greys for the reception were a wonderful balance.

Once dinner finished, the guests lounged on fun furniture set by the dance floor and danced until the early hours.  Check out the cute cake topper below–a perfect nod to how they met!  I love it when clients throw in touches of their personality so that their wedding is so “them.”  Little things like a baseball bat guest book for the baseball loving groom or a salt water taffy favor for the New England bride, are great ways to add character and personality to your wedding.

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